Run Flat Tyres, Run Flat System, Run Flat Tires, Bullet proof Tyres Run Flat Tyres, Run flat systems, Bullet Proof Tyres for bullet proof vehicles and security Vehicles and other types of vehicles which need Run Flat Tyre Protection due to there critical nature of Application, M-Safe Run Flat Tyre Systems can be fitted for Armored Ambassador , Toyota Fortuner  Toyota Landcruiser - Pajero - Scorpio - Tata Safari - Tata Sumo - Lexus - Gypsy - Ford Endeavour and many more

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Run Flat Tyres, Run Flat System, Bullet proof Tyres from M-SAFE INDIA

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M- SAFE Runflat Advantages

  • Runner-Roller design provides excellent performance and heat resistance.

  • Superior handling and control compared to other static type runflat systems.

  • Custom engineered to match wheel drop center profile, resulting in maximum support and fitment.

  • Adjustable hardware provides ease of assembly and adjustability to wheel tolerance variations.

M-SAFE Run Flar Tyre inserts are designed to provide extended mobility when one or more tires are deflated.

The M-SAFE Runflat is made from a specially formulated lightweight, high strength compound designed to resist crack propagation from ballistic attack and severe road hazards.

The M-SAFE Runflat is comprised of component - Roller

The Roller is securely attached to the wheel which is allowed to move or "rotate" about the wheel at the same speed as the tire, thus reducing friction and heat build up.

Proven Performance
M-SAFE Run flats have been used on armored vehicles, police vehicles, riot control vehicles, and cash-in-transit vehicles. The M-SAFE Runflat provides excellent handling and performance after a tire deflation compared to other static type run flat systems.

The M-SAFE Runflat is the runflat of choice of various Government Armored Vehicles and other VVIP's Vehicles.

M-SAFE runflats are available to fit all common wheel and tire combinations. We have multiple sizes available per tire diameter to meet specific mission profile performance requirements resulting in maximum runflat performance.

  • Sedans/SUVs: 14", 15", 16", 17", 17.5", 18",

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