Run Flat Tyres, Run Flat System, Run Flat Tires, Bullet proof Tyres Run Flat Tyres, Run flat systems, Bullet Proof Tyres for bullet proof vehicles and security Vehicles and other types of vehicles which need Run Flat Tyre Protection due to there critical nature of Application, M-Safe Run Flat Tyre Systems can be fitted for Armored Ambassador , Toyota Fortuner  Toyota Landcruiser - Pajero - Scorpio - Tata Safari - Tata Sumo - Lexus - Gypsy - Ford Endeavour and many more

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Run Flat Tyres, Run Flat System, Bullet proof Tyres from M-SAFE INDIA

Asian Professional Security Association


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Welcome to M-Safe (India)

M-Safe (India) was established with a strong determination to become India's top most manufacturer of safety equipments for Army, Police, and VVIPs. Our client base had expanded to include government agencies and organizations (civil, law enforcement, military), private security companies and protection for individuals.

We are engaged in all aspects of the industry including research and development, production, marketing for Run Flat Systems for Armored Cars.

We have the capability to customize and adapt to the everchanging need for multi-purpose armored vehicles by our clients. We remain highly focused on the needs of our clients and our goal is to always exceed their expectations, by producing the highest quality Run Flat Systems for armored vehicles from luxury cars to heavy-duty truck.

We offer :

  • Runflat tyre inserts

  • Full turn-key wheel assemblies


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